About A J Tyzack

We provide technical sales and marketing services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, healthcare, food, chemical, refinery, steel, energy from waste, power and utility industries in UK and Ireland. We also have many contacts in mainland Europe and USA.

A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd was established in 2000 and represents complementary leading international companies providing equipment and services into the process industries.

The company has steadily grown to increase its range of services to provide a platform for more process equipment manufacturers and service providers to enter the UK and Irish markets.

Skyzack, an enterprise born out of A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd, was created to equip the company with the latest digital marketing tools and resources for business on-the-go.

Scizack, a second enterprise born out of A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd, was created to provide process and particle engineering assistance in all the areas in which A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd operates.

The founder Eur Ing James Tyzack CEng CSci MIChemE, has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries in a wide range of sales, technical and management roles.